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ABC Travel

Discover a new era for travel management


The ABC Business Hotel ™ concept offers for the business world a new business hotel generation concept with prebooked customized quality service. Discerning travelers will find in the  partners hotels of ABC comfort and privacy in addition to the ideal place for efficient work and successful meetings.

ABC Hotel Partners offer an innovative space concept that will satisfy even the most demanding business travelers. With the latest communication technology, state-of-the-art technology, good food are the best prerequisites for efficient work and meetings.

ABC business hotels guarantee an international business standard.

In order to give business customers of Apex portal into a way to select a reliable travel management partner of trust. No matter what country he is, he gets the security of an international Apex Business Club Travel Management Standard.

International operating travel agency. English excellent Understand the need for effective cost control in corporate travel, without compromising on quality and reliability.
Results are demonstrated by our reputation and customer loyalty.

Being a Focus partner ensures we, and therefore our customers, benefit from a collaborate approach including collective purchasing, collective negotiating, the uninhibited exchange of views and ideas and a unified representative voice within the travel industry.
By choosing as ABC Partners as their Travel Management Company, customers benefit from enhanced quality of service in several important areas. 
They will enjoy specialist, up-to-date travel advice provided by highly trained experts with many years of experience in dealing with corporate customers and in depth knowledge of travel options, restrictions, fare structures and routings.
Customer satisfaction is assured thanks to the skills and dedication of ABC Travel Partners’ travel specialists coopertion using well defined processes controlled by either IIP and/or ISO9000: 2001 accredited Quality Management Systems. These are heavily geared to customer satisfaction and prompt attention to any issues, feedback or complaints.


"We make you prettier, more exciting and emotional ..."


Tour Operators
Travel Agency
Limousine service
Transportation provider
Cruising agency…  …

  •  Purpose of ABC Travel Management Cooperation TM is : Creating with travel agencies , even travel hotel groups an suitable travel management  chain that exactly to the needs of business people.
  • The ABC Travel Cooperation TM  is a virtual international community of interest (online association) of the travel and tourism industry.
  • The international community ABC Travel cooperation combines elements of an entrepreneurial economy with those of an industry trade association.
  • It is aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs in the travel and tourism industry with innovative travel  services, which have joined the ABC. ..

The increase in performance, competitiveness and profitability of the hotel industry worldwide, which has joined the ABC. Clarification of the complex supply and the efficiency of the hotel industry in politics, media and the general public. The enhancement of the reputation of the hotel industry

What do we do else?  … more
We combine and bundle. Besides hotels also partner of the industry are addressed. Online Groups select - President will represent interests of members and defend.

Expertise “made in ABC”  (www.thecoach.apexportal.com)

Extending across all  brands and all countries, our expertise support and facilitate the day-to-day management of your hotel. Objectives: Improve hotel performance and ensure return on your investment.

Powerful expertise focused on tangible benefits for your hotel:
Our services include following benefits:

Construction advisory service: technical assistance in organizing and developing construction or renovation, we also support you optimize and control over construction, operating and maintenance cost, while integrating environmental concerns.
Equipment advisory services: we offer tailored solutions to define your project needs, organize purchasing, supply and installation of your hotel equipment. At the same time we help to meet your deadlines, our quality standards, and your budget constraints.
Design advisory services: Our Innovation and Design department, unique in the hotel industry, delivers new space management, technological and material solutions. This department facilitates designing a project and selects highly skilled architects and interior designers from all over the world.

ABC offers an efficient distribution platform:

  • A high performance reservation system: TARS is the heart of our booking system. Interfaced with your hotel’s PMS it provides you with immediate access to a wealth of distribution channels and enables management of room rates and availability to maximize earnings.
  • Performance of the distribution channels: we connect your hotel to the wide range of distribution channels – accor.com portal, brands web sites available in ten languages, call centers, and connection to worldwide travel players.
    Internet: each month, more than 10 million people visit Accor websites around the world. Our online sales will reach 25% by 2010
  • Expertise in revenue management: We provide you with high quality reservation teams and tools to maximize your revenue. We also provide your own teams with top level revenue management trainings.
  • A worldwide sales force: 700 sales professionals in 34 countries, experts in business and meeting segments, online segments and leisure segments, to help you fill your hotel.
  • AClub loyalty program: launched in 2008 this new program extends over eight brands and covers more than 2,000 hotels worldwide. AClub will have 5 million members by 2010.
Advice for managing purchases: negotiating, procurement and sourcing, supplier tracking…these are our know-how to optimize your purchasing and reduce costs.
Advice for managing maintenance and property: allocating budgets, prioritizing renovation projects, choosing suppliers…these are our know-how to preserve the value of your asset.

Ensure Superior Service
A remarkable corporate culture characterized by a special attitude, behaviour and expertise, Accor can ensure a superior service:
  • A powerful international hiring program: our worldwide network is backed by local human resources deploying an array of initiative to attract the best applicants.
  • Accorjob : our web based international hiring tool, available in eight languages.
  • A unique pool of General Managers: because their role is so important, we identify the most highly qualified professionals and support them through their careers. The GM are our ambassadors, they carry out Accor’s expertise and culture throughout the world.
  • An extensive training resource: a network of 16 Accor Academies to deploy expert skills to all employees and managers. These training are adapted for each brand.
  • Our commitment to service quality: A commitment to meeting the most demanding quality standards is at the heart of each brand’s strategy. Therefore we have a comprehensive system for assessing service performance in each hotel.

ABC expertise in sustainable development is backed by PANACEA TM TEAM with have  strong policy and tracked by performance indicators.

  • Developing in harmony with the environment: all through the hotel cycle we support you to implement sustainable solutions: from design, to construction and operation.
  • Developing in harmony with people: we train teams and support initiatives dedicated to protecting children, promoting healthy eating habits, and developing responsible relationship with host communities.
  • Our commitment to safety: we offer our highly professional crisis management systems and organisation, wherever your property is located.
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